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The Red Lion

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The Red Lion Hotel is steeped in history.

Built in the 1850s at the beginning of the gold-rush, the hotel was host to many a miner who had ‘struck it rich’ on the goldfields, with beer being paid for in gold rather than coin! Alongside the prize fights that frequented the venue, quoits competitions were held out the back, with the main competitors being miners. 


The Charlie Napier hotel (a replica of which can be found at Sovereign Hill) sat almost directly opposite – with comedians, bands and singers performing, and people milling over to the Red Lion for a drink after the events.

present day

The Red Lion Hotel is a premiere entertainment venue featuring Leo’s Restaurant for a full dining experience, The Simba Sports Bar where you can catch the latest sports and events, The Nicholas Function Room & Deck that caters to corporate events, birthdays and other functions, and our café and bar area for a more relaxed dining.

The Red Lion Hotel has always been

“The Place to Meet!”

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221 Main Road - Ballarat

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